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The Fox & Crown has a fascinating history. Research has shown that in the early 18th century there was an Inn, a Jail and a bowling Green at this location. The Fox & Crown is seemingly synonymous with The Bowling Green, as both names occur at different times on old documents referring to the same site. 

A revealing document discovered at the Nottinghamshire Records Office is the Will/Inventory, dated 1707, of Innkeeper James Pearson, also butcher and jailer. It is known that close to the jail was a bowling green at which the company were waited upon by the prisoners, so that their confinement was not very rigorous. The Inventory gives enough factual evidence to support the theory that this must have been Peverel Gaol.

In 1791, the Basford gaoler was John Sands, who in that year opened the doors and allowed the prisoners to escape because there was no food allowed for their support and because if any of them died of want he would be liable to take trial as a murderer. The Court of Peverel was subsequently removed to Lenton and, in 1849, was abolished by Act of Parliament.




The Alcazar Brewery a 12 imperial barrel full mash microbrewery, which is located at the rear of the pub. 
We produce premium quality, hand-crafted beers for both the cask ale and bottled beer market.

Our brewery opened in 1999, with production almost entirely dedicated to cask beer, we began the production of bottled beers in 2003 when we introduced our Sherwood Forest Selection, more information about previously brewed beers can be found here.

The most common question we get asked is where did we get the idea for the ‘Alcazar Brewery’ name from? ‘Alcazar’ is an old Spanish-Moorish word meaning castle or fortified palace. Besides the obvious royal connection to our brewery tap, the Fox and Crown, there is a direct connection between the name Alcazar and the name for a style of beer that had been enjoyed in Britain for centuries ‘Ale’.

From the 6th December 2016 Shipstones will begin brewing at the old Alcazar Brewery, more information can be found here


Alcazar Brewery

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