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The brewery has been dormant for a number of months after an attempt to bring it back to life, and Turnstone Taverns approached Shipstone’s about moving their brewing from the Vale of Belvoir back to Nottingham. The Fox & Crown will act as the brewery tap house and serve brewery fresh beers all the time.

Colin Brown, who brewed at the original Star Brewery in Basford, has been brewing Shipstone’s cask ale in Old Dalby. His knowledge helped develop a range of heritage beers that represented the original. In turn Colin has trained up two bright young brewers and one of them Patrick Storey, will be joining the Shipstone’s team.

Director Simon Neale said:

“Having Pat join the team is brilliant, he is an excellent brewer who has learnt so much from Colin and is ready to spread his wings. We have run a number of test brews, conducted some blind taste tests and the results have been very positive. Murphy & Son are on our doorstep to supply our ingredients including yeast cultured in their labs. It means we are brewing proper Basford beer”.

One of the main concerns with the resurgence of Shipstone’s three years ago was in regarding to the brewing being done in Leicestershire. The team had been working tirelessly to get back Nottingham and now brings a new era for Shipstone’s. After a very successful beer festival with over 7,500 glasses poured, (44% up on 2015!) they plan to add to the range of already popular beers. With the heart and soul of their own place it looks like they’ll be protecting our local heritage for many more years to come.

Nottingham was pretty excited when Shipstone’s beer re-launched not so long ago, and it will be even more excited to hear the brewing is coming back to Basford!

From 6th December Shipstone’s beer will be brewed at ‘Little Star Brewery’ Church Lane, Old Basford, Nottingham. In a new venture the Shipstone’s have teamed up with Kym Ellington and Turnstone Taverns to refurbish and transform the existing Alcazar Brewery into Shipstone’s Little Star Brewery. It’s a beautiful microbrewery attached to former Shipstone’s pub The Fox & Crown and sounds like a marriage made in beer heaven.

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